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    Reach new levels of customer satisfaction

    Take customer service, sales advice, and other retail appointments to a whole new level. Whether it’s one store or an international chain, with Sign In Scheduling, you can give customers the luxury of making, amending and managing their own retail appointments online 24/7. You can also build loyalty and improve engagement by making their entire journey on-brand.

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    Make customers feel special

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    Provide a bespoke customer journey

    Create a high-end experience by letting customers book and manage their own appointments using any of their devices.


    Offer online and physical appointments

    Give customers the convenience of either physical or online appointments using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.


    Stand out with a luxury branded experience

    Create branded booking pages that can be embedded into your website for a seamless, customer journey that’s engaging and memorable.

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    Reduce no-shows with personalized reminders

    Send automated SMS, email and voice reminders to customers to reduce no-shows while providing that added level of service.


    Forecast busy times and locations

    Using Sign In Scheduling’s reporting facility, you can forecast footfall, busy shopping times and the performance of stores, as well as ensure social distancing and contact tracking..


    Drive store traffic and more sales

    Get more exposure online from your store visit booking page, share it on social media, and turn online visitors into store traffic and sales.

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    Take control of staff and locations

    Improve efficiency, raise customer service and cut admin from a single calendar that lets you manage staff, working hours, locations and even room availability. You can even make sure the right staff members are at the right appointments, and keep everyone aware of their rotas and any sudden changes that come up.

    Find out the ROI of self-service appointments

    Calculate the Return on Investment of introducing Sign In Scheduling to your business. See the impact on staff workload, no-shows and revenue.