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    Integrate with ease, improve with efficiency

    Improve the way you work by seamlessly integrating Sign In Scheduling with all the apps, tools and extensions that run your business. These include social media, email marketing, accounting, project management, website and more.

    Zapier integrations v1

    Connect to over 5,000 apps

    Sign In Scheduling links to all the apps your business uses. So, whether it’s Zoom, Facebook, Xero or Mailchimp — to name but a few — you can take them to the next level by integrating them with your scheduling.

    Generic integrations v1

    Making Sign In Scheduling part of your business is simple

    Sign In Scheduling has been created with the flexibility to be embedded into your website and connected with cloud apps effectively and efficiently. You can even use our free integrations to tailor it to your exact needs. Add a simple booking widget, build custom flows in Zapier, link Microsoft Flow or start using integrations for enterprise. They couldn’t be easier to set up.

    Find out the ROI of self-service appointments

    Calculate the Return on Investment of introducing Sign In Scheduling to your business. See the impact on staff workload, no-shows and revenue.