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    Making medical appointments happen

    Sign In Scheduling is the tried and tested solution for public and private hospitals and clinics worldwide. It reduces patient no-shows, raises efficiency, improves the patient experience and frees up medical professionals and admin staff. It also offers essential compliance tools and a powerful platform for analyzing performance and staff management.

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    What type of healthcare do you provide?


    Universal healthcare

    NHS & other public healthcare appointments.

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    Public healthcare

    Private healthcare

    HIPAA-compliant appointments with Protected Health Information (PHI) in the U.S.

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    Care home

    Care homes & assisted living

    Give the families of residents a better visit booking experience.

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    Testing & vaccination sites

    Schedule mass appointments like blood tests, vaccinations, and PCR tests with ease.

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    Automated phone


    Offer remote healthcare appointments and consultation.

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    Eliminate costly mistakes and save time

    With Sign In Scheduling’s medical scheduling software, appointments between a consultant, physician or nurse, admin assistant and patient will never again be inefficient. Even when clinics, insurance companies or GPs are involved, it streamlines processes, shrinks the risk of errors and no-shows. 

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    Provide better care to more patients

    Sign In Scheduling’s medical scheduling software, gives you an instant online profile, so patients can easily see what services you offer and make a booking directly from your website or booking calendar. The system is simple to set up and change, with full control over what you allow patients to book. Sign In Scheduling is also WCAG-compliant, so accessible by all patients regardless of age, access to technology, or level of ability.

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    Reduce DNAs and last-minute cancellations by up to 90%

    Wave goodbye to DNAs by sending out automated SMS, email and voice appointment reminders. Sign In Scheduling also lets you know if a patient might not be turning up to their bookings so gaps can be filled.

    Be fully compliant

    Sign In Scheduling is CCPA, HIPAA and GDPR compliant. So, you can rest assured, your new student scheduling software complies with all relevant regulations.

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    Case study: How CIC Health organized millions of COVID-19 tests with Sign In Scheduling

    During the coronavirus pandemic, CIC Health started repurposing its workspaces to offer COVID tests. With Sign In Scheduling’s help, they have since facilitated 532,000+ tests and 350,000+ vaccinations, providing their services to 375+ organizations across the United States.

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    Find out the ROI of self-service appointments

    Calculate the Return on Investment of introducing Sign In Scheduling to your business. See the impact on staff workload, no-shows and revenue.