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    Accessibility suite

    Make appointments equally accessible to all

    10to8 is the only fully accessible appointment scheduling software on the market with WCAG certificate. Using our Accessibility Suite, you can take advantage of features that make your services available to everyone, regardless of age, ability or access to technology.

    How we help everyone make and keep appointments

    Multiple devices icon

    Give the freedom to book on any device

    Allow customers to make appointments online using any device, as well as over the phone 24/7.

    Automated phone

    Offer automated phone booking

    10to8’s automated voice booking system picks up the phone immediately and can handle hundreds of callers at the same time.


    Have WCAG-certified booking pages

    All 10to8 booking pages are screen reader-friendly and keyboard navigable so anyone can use them.


    Send omnichannel reminders

    Use automated SMS, email and voice reminders for full accessibility, a better customer experience and reduced no-shows.

    Voicemail as text

    See voicemail as text message

    10to8 automatically turns voicemails left for your business into text notes attached to the appointment.

    1 - Online Booking Page

    Make booking pages suitable for everyone

    Offer online booking pages that can be used by anyone with reduced mobility or vision. Clients can make appointments using just their keyboard and no mouse. In addition, your public calendar and other customer-facing solutions, such as default email messages and the customer dashboard use high-contrast colors and are suitable for screenreaders. 


    Provide an automated phone booking system

    Scheduling appointments online isn’t for everyone. So, offer automated and admin-free phone bookings that are easy to use. Clients call a dedicated phone number and select a service, staff member, location, and time slot using their keypad. Then, 10to8 records their details and the appointment is booked! Try our automated phone booking system: call +44 740 108 1028

    Reminders (1)

    Send accessible reminders

    Appointment reminders have been proven to reduce no-shows by up to 90%. Using 10to8, you can send them by email, SMS and voice. By contacting your customers in a way that suits them, you can rest assured that your booking system treats everyone equally.

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    Why it's better to be accessible

    Everyone should be able to take advantage of your services and with the 10to8 Accessibility Suite they can. This makes it ideal for organizations like medical practices caring for a wide range of patients including those with disabilities. Higher education institutions need to be inclusive to all their students. And banks or financial providers with customers who have poor internet connections.

    Start taking bookings online

    Create a custom online booking page, benefit from automated SMS, Email & Voice reminders, and reduce appointment no-shows by up to 90%.